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The Storyteller’s TriQuetra is a unique and innovative writer’s community, created to engage storytellers from all walks of life and offer a chance to indulge in their craft.

While roleplay games spring up and fade off, TriQuetra gives serious writers a place to grow and a diverse platter of 'verses to select from. We also promise to keep the light on. TriQuetra is a multi-dimensional platform that includes both play-by-post roleplay, chat rooms, and play by post forums plus much more!

You're not going to find a better place to grow your characters, spin your storylines, and immerse yourself in the world of exquisite graphic making. A role player's haven comparable to TriQuetra isn't out there. Click here to get the ball rolling on your very own Storyteller's account. It's free!
TriQuetra 'Verses
Fantasy Role Play  Las Vegas Role Play   Aliens Versus Predator Role play  Roman Historical Role Play  Victorian Vampire Role Play  Historical Pompeii Role Play Fantasy Role Play